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good evening, rachel. >>ood evening, ed. i'm jealous yr plans rit now, but i want a full report tomorrow. >> i'll have the full rert on colorado >> excellent. thank u. i'll see you tomorw.thanks to y staying with us for thnext hour therbreaking polital news this hour. as previously uncirculatedr not widely circulated tape of president obama on the one sid d ce presidentl nominee boul ryan on the otheride have been posted online tonight campai, october surprise, boy do we have a bomb shell fashion. first on the right athe tucker carlson bsite, the right wing sirens blaring excitemen tonight is for the se kindf pe they ha tried to make bomb shell three times we have gone throu this in the election cycle. over a over and over again, the right has trietohuge me
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news not out of something presidt obama has done as president out after a big coordinated round of atttion for something from president weama's su itdoing themsees in gasoline and pullinghe fe udent at h where obama that was explosive tape, not at all. lastonth it was the drudge report, which means the romney campaign, it was them again d l video of president obama saying he beliein redistribion. spifally it wathat he believ essentially ie
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progreive tax codehat we have hadn this count for a time piod that's more ealy measured in centuries than in individual yrs. agai not exact a bomb shell. now a in gasine and hitting the fire video of president obama speaking as a candidate in7. in ts deo, which the right is very excited aboutoght but which has envailable 2007, then candidate, acknowledges the presence in e room of his former pastor from ccago, vend jeremiah wrig. steve smith was pa of the straty decided that they would not attack barack obama based on his pastor. but thiss a differenyear and s tellinat the right esidenf barack oma and make him a one-term presidt, the thing that will make people vote for mitromney is not
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something from the oba her something secret from barack oba's past. something secreteople didn't know about him before. if theonly that's the one side his mb shell tape. from the other se, this year's bombll about some secret past for these me unless you count paul ryan edging his allegiance ck in 2005. the tape that's made a big impactinst the republin tape of things that paul ryan and mitt romney have be sayinwithin the past year. specificallythey are talking to conservative so two wksgo, dad corn and an grim at "the huffington po" postedeo of romney talking n florida. deriding the 47%f the country
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at he said did not pay federal come taxes and w were dependent on thenment and victs and who he would never them to takeesponsibfor theilives. >> i'll ner convince 47% of  responsibility and carfor their lives. those comments hdescribes his disdain for half the count,
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thoscomments have had a measurable impact on t in the new pl just released in the st couple hours, peopl sathosremarks fr mr. romney made em feel more negative than positive toward mr. romney by a 22ointar those results match other polling that shows those commts alienated uecided voters. gardless of what you think of the bstance of that statement from did turn thehole republican pundit class ast h every candide in a contested race to distance themselves from the id their party to start campaigng agnst mitt romney, telli voters, listen, i don't like at guy on that issue eher, but voteor me any way even ough i'm aub whether or not y think the remarks werecandals, the polling impact of them is now showing up dectly aime calcifying a when most vers y e are now starting to vote.
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them. now on tve esidential debate, if they xwere hoping to put that behin them, any ho of getting ay om the issue has now bee expued becausethe ffington st" tonight set off its own previouslyncirculatedeo of paul ryan speaking less than a ar ago.and at will effect the tomoow i. ryan ithese comments makes the same case mn was making when he made the devastatg 47% rk in rn's se, he doesn use the 47%. he picks aiffere figure.6 for him the figure is 30%. you may remb ryan himself isast tape of mr. romney at the fundraiser was that romney was, que, obviouslyic inarte in
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making his point about t ans o dendent on government, 4 here's how pl ryan makes that me poi. >> t poi is we are reaching scal tipping point. the moral tipping point is en worse. thmoral tipping int is before too long we could bece innded to be. we could becoma society where tht majorityf americans are takers, not makers. other great think tank run i'm kind of a numbs guy. 20% of ameeir income frothe feda govement ey areependent. another 20% ofmericans get 40% of their income from the fere benefits fm thfederal
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governme in dollar value than they pay back inaxes. so you could argue wre alrdy past that tipping point. the od news is surveafr su, poll a poll still shows we're a center right 70/30 country. 70% of americans want the americanream. want thwelfst >> 30% oamericans notant the american dream. 30% of amens do not believe in the american idea. 30% of americans just want the . the ideahat a large poion of americanare bend the rea of the kind olitics the republican ticket is offing, it turns out it's both guys on the ticket who bieve that. ot jit's nt mitt romney.s an gr
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shington bureau chief for "the huffington post." thank you for being here. t >> this is not new tape tonight. the are not new remas. ey a from november. i have to ask how th c e to yourttention andhether thers any ggestion from the ry camp romney folks that there's any question to its thenticity. the's nquestion it's beeonline sce then, almost nobody has viewed it. it wasent to me and a few other reporters over the weekend along with about 15 or 20 other clips of paul ryan saying thgs over the past ten years.t it of sunday and monday, a today i bunch of these clips and here yogo. hereau >> in terms of the list of stuff that you were being sent, i know
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enough about pauryan's hisry to know he makes comments that are sort olike this, sort of along the lines about makersnd takers, thvi that's a zero sum game betwe those giving and taking. do youl that as a parall to what romney was sayg the country? >> it's dove tailed with what romney said. roey set the stage for him.ney s mments aut six months after paul ryan did. he also in some of the clips we were sent tas abt mecare 's arguing what we're doing is privatizingedicare. he sayinget behind me. this is what wre trying to do. we eitr havehat up now or willoon. bui thought this one washe most newsworthy immediately because of the two weeks o
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discussion we had abt moochers and this whole conversation about makers and takers, which is borderline ridiculous. >> around the time -- at the time of the 47remarks for mr. romney being publicized, actually got that story up online first before mother jones did. mother jones posted the full video and you bo had thetory up that same night. i should givu credit for at. especially the fact you have posted this now. okops now, the issue here is that romney and ryan are pitching audiens oronservativdoferent th are pitching the country as a whole, or is it they a pitching the same thing but use blunter language? language. i ink at romney, ryan and a lot of the donors don't think that behind closed doors a l of this stuff is that offensive.
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i have talketo several of my right wingriends who when romney's tape came out said i wish romney talked like this more often they are able to say thi cae they never lived on government assistance. they he lived on corporate welfare, but tn't hey doe that as the se thing. for people who have lived on government assistance, it can be a soul-crushing thing. for stance, unemployment. i've been on unempyment. othepe debilitating feeling to know you're not contributing at that moment. anthe idea that that's your preferd state of being just shows the lack of understanding th people like romney and ryan have for people who are that situation. an
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that enables them to provide for their family rather than feeling like ty are some type of leech. it's doubly insulting en ty are then told on this onal stage, hey, you're in rough me in ur life. nolyre you in a rough time, but you' a leech on societ >> the phrasing, they are not exact parallel phrasin but romney saying es cannot be persuaded to take responsibility for their liv. and ryan saying they do t believe the american dream. similar parall language. ryan grim, congratulations on second scoop. ank you for joining us tonight. >> thank you, rael. then tre's the consertive media's huge explosive video that will change the relts of the election. that's been online since 2007. the drudge reporanst of the cone minds over tape in which the in offense by president obama appears be that he'an
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african-ameran man addressing an african-americadice. we'll be bacon thain a moment. b
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e conservative website pulled out all the stops to prote a big, new bomb shell vide initllputting news of that video unr thbig flashing n wn this road a bunch tes this caaign  campaign wants to unch something ne wants to be seen as big news, today the fel over again for a minute when itf oba knowledging his form
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paor. >> i have to give a specl sht out to my past, the guy meo puts up withe, counsels stens to my fe cplain he's a fend and great leer. please, evybody, ge an extraordinary welcome to my ers he at?there he is. at's h. that's him rht there. are you leing thcandal ju wash over you?t wid to tease the scandalousature of the videtells you et much atyou edoy
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think is important abo t on the ddge port aut:00 tonighthe accent, e anger, the and the snpet frront page, we shoulbe investing in mirity-owned businesses inurto our neighborhoods thing is not our american neighborhoo eighborhoods that at guy rack obaould only ca our orhoods in front of a black dience. is supposed to ma believe atn this t ba obama is revealinhis cr plan be wamorelack than he seems you now. this is how henuck into the whithouse.they would venown that, they neveefforts t oba's race sound like new news and to make it sound shocking
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are ght w ramping up aggrvely. last week, for example, here was newt gingrich goinalout with rerence bingo card from th ball, perforr, the word rhythm, and you'll wa to thes >> i'm assumg at some rhyt to bark ama that the rt of d understd. whether he needs lar amounts of rest, wheer he needs too ay basketbl for awhile. i don't watch espn. i don't know what s rhythms are, b this is a guy who is brilant performer whmay well get elected athe present date. d who frankly happento be a partial part-time ident. he reallis like e th
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that he's not a real president. heoesn't do thin presidents do. he doesn't worrybout things presidents do. but he h the white he has ermous power. he'll dowin history as president. and i ecmptuous ofhe the rest of us. >> that's ne gingrh saying he not a real prent. and al he's lazy and h rhhm. newt ginich is the one who called president obama the food stamps presint it was ginicwho ggested a line of attack porin prident ama as the welfare present. specifically the lazy. victims who are dependent on the
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government. at least it was before those remarks were made public. still a bit of a surprise that the romney campaign bit on mr. gingrich's idea, that they took that advice. but they did take that advice. the ream campaign has been running ads accused president obama of gutting welfare reform by removing its work requirements. president obama did not do that, but the romney ads, a lot of them now, say he did. they show white americans working hard and they say this president wants to take your hard-earned money and give it away to lazy welfare recipients who aren't working. it's not true as a matter of policy. but that's how the romney campaign has been running against obama. he repeated the lie to cnn just last week. there was a moment back in may when it became a scandal that a pro-mitt romney super pac had even been pitched the idea of bringing jeremiah wright back as an attack on president obama. that ad campaign was never picked up by the pro-romney super pac or the romney campaign
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itself. it was a scandal they had even been asked to pick up something that racially charged. but a few months later, the campaign picked up the welfare nonsense campaigning in a way that's divorced from the facts but that's loaded with enough sub text to knock you over in a still wind. and they picked up newt gingrich surrogate in his food stamps attack. no and now fox news and the pro-mitt romney drudge report just are going full bore on the jeremiah wright stuff, as o of right now. in 2008 the john mccain had a choice about whether or not they should campaign on really overtly racial appeals. things like the jeremiah wright attack. they chose not to in 2008. if the romney campaign is going to keep going there along with the the conservative media, can
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it work this year? would it have worked in 2008? what are the lessons from john mccain having not gone there in 2008 when he had the chance? the senior strategist from 2008 joins us next. you're about to see it for the first time.
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you're about to see it for the first time. it contains some of the most devisive class warfare rhetoric ever used by barack obama. that's what journalists have
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been trying to hide for years. it's a glimpse into the mind of the real barack obama and it's one that all americans need to pay close attention to. >> that was fox news tonight. "huffington post" released tape of echoing the remarks about 47% of the country not taking responsible for their lives. paul ryan's remarks were that it was 30% of the country. they do not believe in the american dream and just believe. tucker carlson played at the time it came out, but they are newly excited about in part, as best i can tell, because president obama gives a shout out to his chicago pastor at the time jeremiah wright. do either require as a first debate eve giant up-end the campaign surprise? joining us is steve smith.
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he's now an msnbc contributor. thank you for being here. big deal? >> probably not. it's old news. this is well-covered ground. and there's nothing in the speech that seems to me on the surface that's going to reset anything in the race. what it will do is create a conversation in conservative media about this event, the old tape here, as opposed to the expectations game that mitt romney is trying to control ahead of a really high-stakes debate. >> that's interesting. i don't mean to cast dispurgss on the journalist integrity, but i have noticed there have been a number of things that the ream campaign have wanted to inject into the campaign discussion that have been launched on the drudge report. so again, not casting dispurgss, but why do this the night before the debate? >> all of the discussion, all of the speculation in the political media is about how high the
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stakes are for mitt romney tomorrow night. so it changes the subject a little bit. it's a bright, shiny object. it diverts attention away from the huge expectations that he has. mitt romney's lost control pr an expectations perspective to reality. he's behind in the race. he has to have a good debate performance to begin to close the gap to get back in the race and to get ahead of president obama if he's to be elected president. >> so this is sort of a safe -- obviously the romney campaign is hoping they do very well. if they do well, they can pretend this story didn't happen and try to get a bounce out of the debate. if they don't do well, they can fall back on this and hope it crowds out discussion of a bad debate performance? >> i watched the tape earlier online from the speech that the president gave five years ago.
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i think there's almost zero chance we'll be talking about this tape on thursday morning. >> unless the right makes it a cause against the media. there's rich ground to plow there in terms of whether or not the mainstream media is so biassed against mitt romney he can't get a fair shot? couldn't it be part of that? >> maybe, but i think the reality is that you're going to have the debate and whatever occurs during that debate is going to be the basis of what we're talking about on thursday morning. i'll be shocked if this is what we're talking about on thursday morning. >> on the other side, ryan grim who posted the paul ryan tape tonight, which is not new tape. it was remarks made in november. ryan said he was essentially fed that tape along with a lot of other clips of paul ryan over the weekend that he essentially just got around to it now and posted it today. it does not seem to have been timed quite so acutely for debate eve in the way that the
1:32 am
drudgery report was. at the same time, substantively the ryan tape seems to reenforce this 47% tape ha romney has had trouble with. do you see it as reenforcing that problem? >> i think politically it may reenforce the problem. the 47% comments were a huge deal. and they have been criticized by a lot of republicans. the points that paul ryan is making are different. politically they merge together. but it is a meritorious debate to have when you look at the level of dependency in the country. do we want to live in a country where people are receiving a net transfer with tax dollars? do we want to live in a country where a minority of people are the tax providers? do you want everybody to be a stake holder?
1:33 am
do you want everybody to have skin in the game? these are arguments worthy of a presidential campaign. what paul ryan is talking about, i think it will be blended together in the context of romney's comments, but i don't think it's necessarily fair to do it. >> i think you're right about the political blending of it and about the necessity of that discussion and that could be a sober and serious discussion. the part that makes it political is when you get this moral for anybody on the receiving side of a net transfer from the government. that's you're not taking responsibility for your life. you don't believe in the american dream stuff. >> it's the 47% comments. you're really talking about the entire enlisted core of the united states military, for example. i believe that veterans, for example, have earned the benefits that they are being given.
1:34 am
so he described a big portion of the company that are republican voters. that's why it was so politically damaging. but i think what paul ryan is talking about is a different category. >> we shall see if this survives past tomorrow's big day. it will be fun to cover that with you tomorrow. steve schit. there's news about the 2012 election that's not five years old tonight. although it has to do with a strategy on the vote that involves who gets to vote. big new news that's been e colluded by the junk in the media. that story is coming up. [ female announcer ] we were flattered when regenerist beat
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so far tonight video that had previously been collecting dust somewhere has taught us this much. mitt romney taped remarks at a fundraiser where he reported disdain for 47% of the country for not taking responsibility for their lives. those remarks are going to be inescapable now that his running mate feels the same about not 47% but rather 30%over country. from another piece of tape, we know not only that barack obama is black, but that he sometimes speaks to black audiences.
1:38 am
according to the drudge report, sometimes he sounds black when he talks. so there's that new news. but there's also substantial news about who will be allowed to vote this fall. big news from the justice department that's not been widely reported. big news from the justice department and the courts. stay with us.
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last year this billboard went up in a small town in massachusetts. it was a special election for a state legislative seat in the town of south bridge. this billboard went up on the side of the road. it says "show i.d." you do not have to show a massachusetts driver's license in order to vote in massachusetts. but this billboard sure makes it look like it, doesn't it? a few months later, there was another special election. voters inside the polling place in newbedford showed up to these guys in suits and ties. the sign says show i.d. to vote. and then underneath it it has some rules listed. rules. have valid government-issued i.d. then it says some more stuff. the last rule is voluntary compliance.
1:43 am
this isn't actually a rule at all. it's just a couple guys trying to make you think it's a rule while you're trying to vote. after that election the massachusetts secretary of state ruled that it was illegal for those guys to be inside that polling place with their big sign that says show i.d. to vote. but by that time, the election was over so maybe the damage was done. we don't know how many people roll past that billboard and decided they wouldn't turn out to vote because they didn't have a driver's license. we don't know how many people strolled in thinking they were going to vote, saw the sign about issuing an i.d. to vote, knew they didn't have that and turned around and walked out. we don't know. it was a factually inaccurate claim on the billboard and sign. it was even illegal for them to be there. but the damage was done. if the point of requiring documentation to vote is that not everybody has it.
1:44 am
so therefore, you filter out those who aren't likely to have the documentation. those interested in protecting the vote may be able to stop you from changing the law in order to do that? but what's the next best thing? maybe you can't win legally, but maybe you can get the word out. if you can be confusing enough about it, maybe you can forget the law. by virtue of intimidation or at least confusion. here's how it works in the great state of mississippi. in the great state of mississippi this past november, a referendum passed saying people couldn't vote without documentation. that many thousands of mississippi residents do not have. yesterday the department of justice told mississippi that given the special scrutiny that state earned under the voting rights act for many years of suppressing the black vote, given that special scrutiny, the justice department said no to this new proposed law in mississippi.
1:45 am
or at least they said not yet. this law is at least not going election in mississippi. you're not going to have to show i.d. to vote in mississippi. the worry here was that because thousands of mississippi legal voters don't have the i.d. that would have been necessary under the new law, this new law would have kept disproportionate numbers from voting on election day. that law is now technically been blocked by this justice department letter. what if you could get that impact on the the electorate any way? this is what the mississippi secretary of state, who is a republican, has been doing all summer long in that state. he's been printing up and posting a thousand signs all across the state that say voter i.d. in big letters with a number to call if you need i.d., which by the way you don't need to vote in mississippi. mississippi's republican secretary of state spent the summer talking up the state's
1:46 am
new law and sending out postcards all over the state about the new i.d. you're going to need to vote, even though that's not the law in mississippi. to be clear, if you do not have i.d., it's still okay for you to vote in mississippi this year, but you'd never know that by the way people have been advertising that if you don't have an i.d. stay away from the polls. it's not the law, but if you keep saying it over and over again, it might work any way. we got a court ruling on the law in pennsylvania to require i.d. it was the strictest in the nation and thought to have the largest impact on the presidential election this year. to the extent that pennsylvania is a swing state. the proportion of voters who would have been affected by this voter i.d. law is staggering. there are roughly 8 million registered voters in pennsylvania. estimates of the number of parezs who wouldn't be allowed to vote ranged as high as 1.3 million.
1:47 am
so of pennsylvania's 8 million, more than 1 million of them were just not going to be allowed to vote under the rule change? no wonder pennsylvania republicans thought this was going to be such a big deal. >> voter i.d., which is going to allow governor romney to win the state of pennsylvania, done. >> make voting harder, done. that's going to amitt romney to win our state. the judge sort of squashed it. technically, he did. this should ought to be the most important thing. the bottom line here in pennsylvania is that as of this judge's ruling today, you don't have to have a driver's license or photo i.d. you can still vote in the election this november if dwrour a legal voter even if you don't have that i.d. so hundreds of thousands of old people and poor people and students and people who just live in philly and take public transportation and don't have a driver's license, hundreds of thousands, maybe more than a million legal voters who were
1:48 am
going to be blocked from voting from this new republican law are now going to be allowed to vote. but conveniently for the people trying to stop them from voting, this judge left a couple things still intact. first, the judge made clear that poll workers can still ask people if they have i.d. any way. even though fst not legally required for you to have an i.d. to vote, he says the poll worker can still ask you. so if you don't have an i.d., the poll worker asks you, they are supposed to let you go ahead and vote and say, i don't have an i.d. any chance that's going to be confusing for people? think there might be any hang ups? think that might be confusing for voters who get asked that question. think that might turn voters around so they end up not voting? the republican governor back in the day when they got the law passed hired a republican fundraiser to create an ad campaign that was supposed to
1:49 am
teach voters about the new restrictions on voting. an ad campaign broadcasting literally that if you do not have an i.d., if you don't have one of these, don't bother showing up to vote. that's not the law in pennsylvania. the law is you can show up even if you don't have this i.d. you're allowed to vote. they tried to change the law, they could not get away with it. what about that ad campaign? depending on how those conversations go, they may not have got wan with changing the law but it might work to keep the people without i.d.s away from the polling place. the people fighting the new law in the first place are asking the judge to quash the ad campaign too. they are looking into the matter. the mechanics of the election are upon us now. this was ohio today. yes, those are tents. people were sleeping in them because early voting started in ohio today and people slept out
1:50 am
to be first in line. is technically, he did quash it and this should ought to be the most important thing. the bottom line here, in pennsylvania is that as of this judge's ruling today, you do not have to have a driver's license or another form of government issued i.d. election and how it is run. and in some ways how the election is being run and how the campaign prepares for it looks a little desperate for the republican party right now. we learned that as of yesterday, the republican party has ended all of the new voter registration efforts for colorado, virginia, north carolina, nevada and colorado. they had hired a single company to register voters in all those key states and now they have fired that company after it appeared to be turning in fraudulent forms for registering voters. the same company had been planning get out the vote.
1:51 am
so if you're a republican partisan who wants mitt romney to win, you have to be concerned about this political reality that voter registration has been stopped by your party in those swing states. but if you're worried about voter fraud about the possibility of voter fraud, you don't have to worry about this group's history that was hired by the rnc about whether they have done something that is going to prevent votes from being counted. not fake votes, real votes. this group is alleged to have gotten progressives to sign up to vote and thrown away the registration forms of the voters who signed up as democrats. did this happen? this group has been fired now. they say they're sorry but given what they were accused of in past. how much damage has been done?
1:52 am
might it work to suppress the vote anyway? now with today's ruling. the list of states where republicans try to change the law to block voters from being able to cast ballots. includes wisconsin, texas, florida, arizona, south carolina, ohio and now pennsylvania and mississippi. back to back the courts have stepped in and all in of those places republicans have tried to change the law and they've not been able to. but how do you quantify how much damage was done anyway? joining us now is the president of america votes and a former colorado state senator. joan fitzgerald, thank you for being with us tonight. >> thank you for having me, rachel. >> in an earlier election, the voter registration firm that the republican party just fired, they are accused of i am percent nating of the group you now lead, this group america votes which is obviously left leaning. and then tearing up those registrations. how does your group quantify the damage from something like that?
1:53 am
>> it's really hard to quantify. that was back in 2004, and as you've said this year all of this talk about voter suppression actually creates an environment that does suppress the vote, even if you don't pass the legislation or the legislation is not enacted. and we know that from studies that have been done. you're setting up barriers to people, real or imagined, that prevent people from going to the polls and exercising importantly a constitutional right. >> so even in the cases where the efforts to change the voting rules have been turned back by the courts like we saw today in pennsylvania, even in states where it is been fought over but the voter suppressing side has not won, you're saying people hear about that and believe they will be blocked from voting? >> yes. there's confusion. there's confusion with people
1:54 am
who work at the polls. there's confusion with the voters. what do i need when i go? i've seen these signs. the ad campaign is continuing in pennsylvania. so people are going to be confused even if the law was blocked by the courts saying they didn't have enough time to get voter i.d. to all the people that needed it. apparently a much larger number than the general assembly was willing to admit in pennsylvania. >> what's the way to fight that? obviously part of that is winning the legal case, but how do you win the rest of the battle? >> we had always assumed that the law would be enacted so we went to the extent of trying to find ways to get people i.d. because we were going to assume that they needed it. and frankly there were enough groups that could help in a presidential year. this now has been postponed to 2014, a gubernatorial year, and there won't be that kind of help. so we're going to continue to try and get people the voter i.d. that will eventually be required in pennsylvania. >> when you think about the levels of news awareness of all the people you have to reach, it
1:55 am
can't be through the news media. it's an incredible effort under way. >> it's enormous. >> joan fitzgerald, president of america votes. i would love to talk to you more about this. would you come back and join us again? >> i'd love to. >> thank you very much. >> thank you for doing this. >> absolutely. more news and an important programming update for you still to come. the stay tuned.
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it's been a bit of a frenzyed night on politics news. paul ryan from last november says that only 70% of americans want the american dream. the other 30% of americans just want their welfare state. that posted tonight at huffing ton post. in more newly rediscovered footage on right wing websites and on fox news, a prepresidential barack obama can be heard praising his former pastor jeremiah wright.
1:59 am
he talked in his speech about wanting to him all this sorts of help to poor people. then candidate obama was talking about iraq war veterans with post traumatic stress disorder. but i'm sure it's better politics for the right if they shorthand iraq war veterans as poor people while also calling mr. obama angry and describing him as having an accent. it's not subtle but i'm sure they think it's great politics. so tonight has been an unsettled big night. tomorrow night is going to make tomorrow look like a traffic camera on a desert highway. i'll be here in new york. chris matthews will be in denver.

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